The Fluffy Brow is a brow treatment where we straighten and redirect the natural hair growth.  This creates a thicker looking brow which can be tailored to suit your style; neat or a fluffy finish, this lasts approximately 6 weeks and includes a tax and tint.

The Wax Mask™ is an amazing full face, long lasting, hair removal technique.  It brightens the skin, lightly exfoliates and leaves your skin flawless, smooth and glowing.  This gives the perfect base for makeup.  It’s also an alternative to dermaplaning and threading.

Dermaplaning immediately rejuvenates the skin by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair.  It is also highly effective in minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, whilst leaving skin smooth, supple and vibrant.  It is great for prepping the skin prior to peels, enzyme treatments and to increase penetration of active ingredients in the professional home care products.  It creates the perfect canvas for makeup application and is the go-to treatment for high profile occasions.

Dermaplaning is a physical/mechanical exfoliation that is extremely safe when performed by a professionally trained skincare specialist, utilising the appropriate tools for the service.

Click here to visit our Dermaplaning – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page 

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Your skin is unique, let’s treat it that way! Discover how to achieve your best skin ever with your complimentary skin fitness plan.

Our customised treatment, on your time! Targeting your key skin concern for maximum impact in minimum time, this treatment is a firm favourite with those who have just 30 minutes want visible results and great value.

The ultimate treatment, different every time. Customised with advanced product, techniques and technology in a soothing environment made for relaxation. The ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive experience to address all skin concerns and achieve healthy glowing skin.

This special breakout clearing MicroZone® Treatment helps to deep-cleanse the skin, extract blackheads and expedite the healing of inflamed breakouts. Ideal for teenage skin.

Our LED Light Therapy mask uses light therapy to expose the skins to clinically proven wavelengths of light, delivered at safe therapeutic doses to stimulate natural cellular responses to target problem areas and rejuvenate the skin.  It can help with skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, anti-aging, rosacea, recovery and detoxifying. 

LED Light Therapy – Offered as a single treatment or added on to another treatment

3 x rejuvenation over 3 consecutive days

3 x recovery over 3 consecutive days 

12 sessions | 2 per week over 6 weeks or 3 per week over 4 weeks

Aching muscles and fatigued body?  Your professional Skin Therapist will skillfully ease away tensions and stress whilst improving blood circulation and enhancing skin glow.  Through discussion you can choose to incorporate any of the following approaches to ensure you leave with revitalised, nourished skin and invigorated in mind and body. Available in slots of 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

Invigorating and the ultimate stress relief, an Indian Head Massage is a combination of stroking, kneading, friction, percussion and pressure point techniques.  This invigorating treatment includes back, shoulder, neck, scalp and face.  Perfect treatment for clients suffering from headaches, sinus pain and stress.

‘The UK’s Hottest Massage’

Back & Shoulders (30 min) or Full Body (60 min)

Lava Shells are the world’s first self-heating massage tool.  A unique and innovation in warming spa therapies that relaxes whilst easing muscle and joint aches and pains.  The Lava Shell Massage uses 100% genuine recycled Tiger Clam Shells which heat up internally for up to an hour with a patented combination of natural minerals and water.

Lava Shell Massages can promote extreme relaxation.  This stress busting treatment improves circulation and improves skin appearance.  The natural mineral heat will deliver a seamless heat and touch to reduce tight, tense muscles.

Feel deeply relaxed and smoother in 30 minutes with Neom’s express stress-easing treatment. Concentrating on key breathing techniques throughout, inhale the wonderfully unwinding scent of Neom’s signature relaxing scent, a complex blend of 24 calming essential oils including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, as the Real Luxury™ Intensive Skin Treatment Candle is drizzled onto the skin. Allow your therapist to focus on stress-relieving points on the back, harnessing the very best techniques from deep tissue massage and trigger point work. Press pause and prepare to continue your day with a calm attitude and improve mental clarity.

Revive and awaken your mind and body with Neom’s signature foot treatment. Starting with the Neom energising opening ceremony, feel recharged with the 24 invigorating essential oils or Feel Refreshed™ as you complete the deeply relaxing 7/11 breathing technique. Allow your therapist to deeply cleanse and soothe tired feet with the stress-easing Real Luxury™ Bath Oil, followed with a rejuvenating reflexology sequence with the exfoliating and mood-lifting Great Day™ scrub. Leave your treatment in just 30 minutes with a refreshed and energised state of mind.

Lift your mood and boost positivity in just 30 minutes with Neom’s reviving and uplifting treatment.  Beginning with Neom’s signature mood-enhancing opening ceremony, your back will then be lightly buffed with the award-winning Great Day™ scrub, with invigorating oils of wild mint and mandarin.  Followed by a tension-easing massage, using the very best techniques of trigger point work and deep tissue, allow the rich blend of skin repairing vitamins A and E, safflower and jojoba in Neom’s Daily Boost Oil to soften, smooth and uplift the mind and body.  Continue your day with inspired positivity, a lifted spirit and mental balance. 

Allow us to scoop you up and cocoon your body and mind with the utterly calming and specially created Neom Pregnancy Treatment, the most luxurious way to balance, restore and refresh.

Masterminded by the Neom Wellbeing Board, our safe, supportive and incredibly effective pre-natal massage uses our hand-picked blend of 100% natural Neom essential oils, which deliver additional comfort and warmth during this special time.

This tip to toe treatment begins with a pregnancy-specific 5 minute guided meditation and includes a wonderful exfoliation where you will experience the exceptional mood enhancing results of the Neom Great Day Body Scrub, an award-wining exfoliator which blends wild mint and mandarin to help naturally lift your mood, as well as a ‘Mothers-to-be’ massage and cranio scalp massage. Your therapist will also work on areas of the body which hold additional tension and weight, ensuring the deepest state of relaxation is achieved.  

Extend your treatment to 90 minutes to receive a full body scrub and longer massage.

Waxing of the eyebrows to give a more groomed finish

Includes the lower legs and knees

Waxing of the full leg to give a smooth finish

Waxing of the back to give smooth finish

Waxing of the chest to give a more groomed finish

Waxing of the back and chest to give a more groomed finish

Waxing of the lip or chin to give a more groomed finish

Waxing of the lip and chin to give a more groomed finish

Waxing of the forearm to give a more groomed finish

Waxing of the full arm to give a more groomed finish

A standard bikini wax which is to the knicker line with nothing removed from the top using a specialist hot wax treatment which is less painful than traditional waxing and so more suitable for sensitive areas

To a high cut knicker line with some removal from the top using a specialist hot wax treatment which is less painful than traditional waxing and so much more suitable for sensitive areas

Total removal underneath just leaving a landing strip at the front using a specialist hot wax treatment which is less painful than traditional waxing and so much more suitable for sensitive areas

Total removal of all bikini hair on top and underneath using a specialist hot wax treatment which is less painful than traditional waxing and so much more suitable for sensitive areas

A specialist hot wax treatment which is less painful than traditional waxing and so much more suitable for sensitive areas

*Timings are subject to the Therapist

Lycon Lyco’pedi has been successfully crafted with hardworking natural botanical extracts and fortified with intense rejuvenating and hydrating properties of thalidomide acid, fruit AHAs and shea butter, plus added benefits or marine collagen, vitamin E and pro vitamin B5.

This special lyco’pedi collection easily and quickly re-energises your entire body, mind and soul, directly contributing to your overall wellbeing, exactly what you need to complement your silky smooth and younger looking feet.  Whilst you enjoy complete relaxation and rejuvenation with lyco’pedi, the revitalising aroma of lemon tea tree and peppermint will transcend the every day, by transforming the atmosphere around you to relaxation and tranquility.  


Your treatment will start off with a refreshing soak to help purify and cleanse the feet whilst starting to soften and revitalise them, followed by your nails being filed and clipped to make sure they look neat and tidy.  We will then apply a cuticle removal and push back and remove any unwanted cuticles.

Next we do a sugar scrub which effectively exfoliates dead skin cells without harsh scratching, followed by a foot rasp to make sure your feet are feeling silky smooth.  We then apply a Gelish polish or a nail varnish of your choice and we have a huge range of over 200 Gelish colours to choose from.

To finish your Lyco’pedi we then apply a massage lotion which is deeply hydrating and leaves your skin feeling light and fresh, with an elegant silky smooth finish and non-greasy feel.  Luxury Gelish pedicure includes all of the above plus a callus remover which helps soften and remove hard callus skin to allow for improved buffing for those real stubborn areas. Followed by a hydrating mask which is rich yet fresh and that restores smooth, comfortable and youthful looking skin. Feet are then placed into heated booties to help lock in the moisture and aid relaxation.

Nail Treatments

Manicure | 45 min

Your hands are soaked before cuticles are cared for and nails are buffed and shaped before being massaged to soften and nourish the skin.  A polish of your choice is applied for the finishing touch.

File & Polish | 30 min

Gelish File & Polish | 30 min

PolGel Overlay | 60 min

PolyGel Extension | 75 min

Nail Art


Patch test required at least 48 hours beforehand.

At Bel Viso we understand how important your lashes are. That’s why each treatment starts with a unique consultation with one of our trained Nouveau Lash Technicians to help you find which of our treatment types is best suited for you. Plus, each treatment can be individually tailored to the look you are seeking to create, allowing your to make your dream lashes a reality.

Eye Treatments

Eyelash Tint* | 15 min

Eyebrow Tint* | 15 min

Eyelash/Brow Tint* | 15 min

Eyebrow Shape | 15 min

*Patch test required at least 48 hours beforehand


Eyebrows | 15 min

Lip or Chin | 15 min

Full Face Excluding Brows | 30 min

Eyebrow Shape | 15 min

Wedding Makeup

Bridal | 60 min

Bridesmaid | 45 min

Mother of the Bride | 45 min

Timings subject to Wedding Party / Location

Makeup Application

Brow/Eye Makeup | 30 min

Full Face | 60 min

Makeup Lesson | 120 min

HD Brows is the unique, seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on the design. It involves an innovative combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing and threading.  

Your eyebrows are a vital part of your personality.  Not only do they frame your face, over 70% of your facial expressions depend on them and that is why the right brow shape and colour can take away the years.  As an official HD Brows Salon, Bel Viso has the expertise to study the shape of your face and recommend the perfect brow design for you.  Suitable for nearly all brow types and for both men and women, the treatment is very affordable and highly successful.

HD Brows | 30 min

HD Brows including lightening | 30 min

Patch test required at least 48 hours beforehand.

Vita Liberata is the ultimate collection of luxury spray tan solutions to suit every skin type.  Vita Liberata tinted spray tan offers an instant bronzing colour whilst your tan develops over 6-8 hours available in Hawaii (light 8%), Ecuador (medium 10%) and Brazil (dark 12%).  Vita Liberata RAPID spray tan gives a beautiful instant colour and a natural bronze tan that can be washes off in half the time, just 3-4 hours! If left on for longer, RAPID offers the deepest tan results.

Vita Liberata Spray Tan | 30 min

Vita Liberata RAPID Tan | 30 min